The Feminization of the Black Male Image | Da Teachas

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Da Teachas ~ The Feminization of the Black Male Image | Da Teachas

Through the Black Men Lead rite of passage initiative, we pride ourselves in developing and preparing young Black males to become functional Black men. However, we cannot lose sight of the need to create a safe space for Black adult males to release, vent, be vulnerable, and seek help.

“I’m good” can no longer be a default response when a Black man is asked how he is doing.

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Chasing the Ghost: The Quest for Black Wealth ~ Introducing The Black Wealth Project

Blacks are consistently ranked last in every statistical category associated with socioeconomics and wealth accumulation. The question is what are we going to do about it and when do we plan on getting started?

As I write my 25th book Chasing the Ghost: The Quest for Black Wealth, I am constantly reminded of the hurdles that my people face as we attempt to accumulate true wealth. From the Black Codes to Gentrification, we have been at war for our very survival since 1865.

Our path to wealth does not look like anyone else’s. We must first understand this truth and then act accordingly.

The Black Wealth Project! | Dr. Rick Wallace
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