Da Teachas Talk with Mental Health Nurse Practitioner Dr. Sheri Tomlin

Da Teachas Talk with Mental Health Nurse Practitioner Dr. Sheri Tomlin

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Dr. Tomlin is a Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner-Board Certified living in the Dallas Metroplex. She has a Doctorate Degree in Nursing Practice (DNP”). Dr. Tomlin began her medical career in the United States Army in 1993 after struggling to make it as a single mom in New York. Because of her childhood experience growing up in an abusive home and dealing with family members with mental illness and alcoholism, Dr. Tomlin has now dedicated her life to improving the lives of Black patients and black families locally and globally. Dr. Tomlin understands the historical, sociocultural, and individual factors that influence the care provided to the black community and the need to improve mental health care for Black patients and have health equity for our people while reducing racial/cultural biases towards Black patients. She is the author of the book “African Bodyguard,” available on, released in 2020, and the movie African Bodyguard is streaming the website. In 2022 Dr. Tomlin will continue her work on health and wellness and many more projects that will connect the African people on the African continent with the Africans in the diaspora.

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