Da Teachas Sit Down with Kali Nelms to Discuss the Changing Workplace!

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Da Teachas Sit Down with Kali Nelms to Discuss the Changing Workplace!

We’re going to discuss the changing workplace with a successful Millennial who has navigates the new remote workforce and maximized her opportunities. She is also a former Olympic track star, Mom and family woman at only 28 years old.

Kali Nelms is the definition of a go getter. From the a very young age she set two goals that many thought was nothing more than a fantasy. One is being an Olympian and the other is being financial free. At the tender age of 27 she was able to do both of those things and now spends her time helping others reach their dreams. Kali has a Masters in leadership that helps her develop millennials to become the person the aspire to be. Kali was a veteran teacher that walked away from teaching due to Covid and the inhumane work conditions with NO PLAN. Kali picked up a small at home job making $17 an hour just to get by while she figured out what she truly wanted out of life. After casually scrolling on TikTok she found Technical recruiting. She spent the first three months of 2022 gaining any knowledge she could ultimately putting herself in a position of power and a six figure salary.

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