7/2 Special Guest, Actor William Barnes

Saturday July 2, 2022 Da Teachas will be chopping it up with Actor William Barnes!

William Barnes, originally from Hampton Virginia, saw a friend of his in an August Wilson play in NY called called “Ma Rainey’s Black bottom”! Acting was the furthest thing from his mind when he moved to the Miami area after grad school ( NYU). A few odd jobs and an entry-level IT position later, he found himself intrigued by the power of that August Wilson play. He kept thinking about whether or not acting was an option until the “Ali” movie, starring Will Smith, came to the Miami area to film. There was a radio advertisement asking for extras for the movie and he decided to go for it. After he did his small part he didn’t really think about it anymore until one night his manager at a club he was bouncing at told him to take a look at the movie, that he actually saw him in the movie and it was a good look. Being curious he went to see the movie and he saw himself, doing his “small” part, that’s all he needed. It’s been a hell of a ride ever since.

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